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Midland Lutheran College- Theatre

Midland Lutheran College- Theatre

Located at 900 North Clarkson in Fremont, Nebraska, Midland Lutheran College is a four year liberal arts college. It is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

The History:

The college was established in 1883 in Atchison, Kansas German Lutheran immigrants. In 1919 it was moved to Fremont. In 1962, Luther College in Wahoo, Nebraska merged with Midland Lutheran College.

Recently, in 2006/2007, the college eliminated some of it’s fine arts programs including music and drama, however the college still puts on music and drama productions regularly.

The Haunting:

Apparently the theatre above the student union is host to paranormal activities. Some speculate that the activities are caused by a "caretaker". Paranormal activities have included strange sounds and eerie feelings.


The fine arts programs were eliminated due extremely low enrollment in the programs. I don’t think this has any bearing on the reports of hauntings, but it’s still an interesting tidbit in relation to the theatre.

Theatres are notoriously "haunted". Perhaps because of the "channeling" that actors/actresses do that is similar (yet still different) than the channeling performed by trance mediums, theatres tend to invite paranormal activity…or the people who frequent these places just happen to be particularly open-minded…


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