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Mollys Rock

Mollys Rock

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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: Pine Lake Road, Rhinelander, WI 54501, USA

Molly’s Rock

The Rhinelander, Wisconsin haunt known at Molly’s Rock on Pine Lake Road and County D has garnered some attention for quite awhile. The haunt is located near Sugar Camp. Though the rock itself has unfortunately been destroyed, it is still possible to find the haunted location in Rhinelander, a small community in Oneida County, Wisconsin. Small bits and pieces of the rock are apparently still present at the location and the place where the rock was once situation is purportedly still creepy, but visitors are advised against taking bits of the rock home with them. Some Rhinelander locals believe this to be bad luck!

Molly was, according to some, just a young girl who vacationed in Rhineland every year. Other stories, however, claim that Molly’s ghost haunts the rock because she was killed by a drunk driver along the winding road leading to the rock.

The ghost of Molly was rumored to haunt the rock and her spirit could be observed as a halo that floated above it. The ghostly presence also purportedly painted the rock a different color every year according to some stories. According to others, if anyone attempted to paint the rock themselves, it would soon after be repainted with the words, “Keep Off Molly’s Rock”. The ghost was also said to cry out in an eerie high pitched tone telling anyone who had been drinking to “get off my rock”. Some people claim to have been shoved by Molly upon crawling up onto the rock intoxicated.

Unexplained Research did an investigation at Molly’s Rock and concluded that when the sun sets, light sometimes reflects off the top of the rock producing a sort of halo effect. They experienced nothing paranormal when they crawled up on the rock, but they didn’t say whether they had been drinking or not (apparently Molly didn’t like to shove sober people).

There are a variety of rumors about why Molly’s Rock was destroyed. Some say it was a hazard because of its location at a curve in the road. Other people say that construction workers had some stuff they had to do that necessitated blowing it up. A lot of locals were actually a bit put off by the fact that the rock was destroyed.


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Pine Lake Road, Rhinelander, WI Wisconsin 54501, USA

Pine Lake Road, Rhinelander, WI Wisconsin 54501, USA

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