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Mound Cemetery

Mound Cemetery

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  • Date Posted: May 4, 2014
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  • Address: Newton, IL 62448, USA

well you know that guy who used to sing that song about eating goober peas yeah thats bulr ives and he also was the guy who talked on the christmas cartoon with them puppets yeah that’s the same guy well i know that he sometimes haunts his cemetary that he’s buried in called mound cemetary because me and my wife shirley have been there at his grave at dark and we called to him and said that burl if you are here and you can here me and shirley then please make us know that you are here like they do on me and shirleys favorite show ghost hunters well. as soon as we did that i told shirley to take a piture as soon as i said that and you know what. we got a piture of a big orb that i know was burl because his was the only name that we called out and i’m pretty shure that bcasue we called just his name that the orb wouldnt havd been any other person. then we tested it again but that time he didn’t do it but thats okay because i know that the first time we got it wright. i’m going to try to post the piture here so if you see it here be shure to look at it and tell me what you think and me and shirley will be going back there again probably atleast we hope this halloween with some frinds of ours from the eagles who still don’t believe us even though they seen the piture that you will see if you go look at it that i am going to put on here after i stop wroitting this. wll thats all for now so i can put the piture on here. happy halloween ghost hunters.

Larry Loudon Hannibal and Shirley to.

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