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Norwich University

Norwich University

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  • Date Posted: Apr 29, 2014
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  • Address: Norwich University, 158 Harmon Drive, Northfield, VT 05663, USA

Northfield, Vermont

Northfield is located in Washington County, Vermont within the Green Mountains. The population of Northfield is approximately 7,000 residents.

Norwich University Information:

Norwich is a private university in Northfield, Vermont. The university was founded in Norwich, Vermont in 1819 as the American Literary, Scientific, and Military Academy. Northfield has been the home of Norwich University since 1866.

Norwich University’s population is largely a Corps of Cadets, but also includes traditional students.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont:

Some students and cadets at Norwich University report a generalized feeling of uneasiness walking around the campus at night. Some students claim that there are 13 gates at the Norwich campus and these are colloquially known as the “13 Gates of Hell”.

Chaplin Hall:

Strange noises have been reported at Chaplin Hall. Objects reportedly move without explanation and apparitions are commonly reported near the front door of Chaplin Hall.

Alumni Hall:

Students/cadets have reported hearing loud unexplained banging sounds coming from floors above them when everyone was sleeping in the middle of the night. Lights go on and off on their own without explanation and drawers apparently open on their own. Some have reported disembodied voices.

Ransom Hall:

Cadets and students report seeing apparitions at Ransom Hall.

Hawkins Hall:

Some cadets have reported being “hagged” in the night. They claim to wake up feeling terrified, unable to breathe or move or scream.

Sabine Field:

People have reported hearing disembodied footsteps in the middle of the night at Sabine Field.


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Norwich University, 158 Harmon Drive, Northfield, VT Vermont 05663, USA

Norwich University, 158 Harmon Drive, Northfield, VT Vermont 05663, USA

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