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Old Gunn Church

Old Gunn Church

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Plantersville, SC 29440, USA

Aka Old Gunn

Plantersville, South Carolina


The Prince Frederick’s Episcopal Church ruins can be found near Plantersville in Georgetown County. It was named in honor of Prince Frederick of Wales, the son of King George II. Construction was completed in 1876, and the church became a focal point of religious life for early Pee Dee settlers. This tower and front facade are all that remain

As the rice economy declined in Georgetown, Prince Frederick’s parishioners moved away to larger cities to find work. The church was abandoned, and time took its toll on the structure. Its remaining buttresses and pinnacles are an example of Gothic style architecture typically used during the 19th century. The church was listed in the National Historic Register in 1976.

The rest of the church was declared hazardous and dismantled in 1966. However, its historic ruins and 19th century graveyard – where renowned local rice planters Hayne Allston, Plowden Weston, and William Sparkman are buried – make it worth a visit. (Information from

Ghost legend

In 1859, a new church for the Prince Frederick Parish was begun. However, work on the church came to a complete halt later in 1860 when the head architect, Mr. Gunn, slipped on the high, incredibly steep roof and fell, screaming, to his death. The unfinished church, its massive bell tower rising above the tree tops, was temporarily abandoned. Many believe that Mr. Gunn, the architect who tumbled to his death while building the church, still haunts the grounds. Gunn’s spirit is said to be so prevalent in and around the tower that the belfry and church ruins have come to be known as the Old Gunn Church. Georgetonians have told of seeing lights moving in the totally inaccessible upper portion of the tower during the night. Others have heard the bloodcurdling, horrible scream of Mr. Gunn, the architect, as he relives his fatal fall. Mr. Gunn is not the only spirit that roams the grounds of the old church. The choir that once resounded through the trees like a chorus of heavenly voices still sings, although the choral members are all long gone. That magical time between sundown and dark, when their practice reached its crescendo, is exactly the time they are still occasionally heard. (Information from

Investigation Report

Date: October 20, 2009

Weather Conditions: Cold/Clear

Time: 1:30AM


Old Gunn church sits off the beaten path and is therefore difficult to find…even if you know(or think you know) where you’re going.

The first and most important issue to be discussed is the fact that there is a fence surrounding the old church. However, there is a large sized hole, for those seeking to investigate the area, please DO NOT TRESPASS!! Ghost groups getting caught trespassing only make things worse on those of us seeking to seriously investigate areas.

Because it is not possible to get close to the old ruins or the cemetery, our investigation took place in front of the old church near the fence. Because the area is off the beaten path, the road leading to Old Gunn has a creepy vibe.

Investigation Report

Initial EMF sweep revealed a strange spike near the fence closest to the old church entrance. Could not find a natural reason for the spike. Walking the fence line also reveals some minor EMF fluctuations. There is a heavy feeling and a feeling of being watched. It seems like the majority of those feelings are centered around the old bell tower.

Dowsing rods would continually cross in front of the church near the location of the strange EMF spikes. During EVP sessions the entities present were asked to prove that they were present by crossing and un-crossing the dowsing rods. Throughout the EVP session the rods would cross and un-cross in response to direct questions.

Initial Impressions

This area does have some activity present and requires further investigation.


Georgetown/Plantersville SC South Carolina United States

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  1. I have a story that happened to me and e other friends that went there a month ago and a few other relevant things after we came back that happened to me

    • I would love to hear your story

  2. I have been there before the fence was put up and have pictures of Mr. Gunn overlooking a headstone as well as other strange unexplained things. Also a few strange stories about that place. Would love to share if you are interested.

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