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Old Lighthouse

Old Lighthouse

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

The Old Lighthouse with the Skeletal Framework:

The first lighthouse on Hilton Head Island was used by Union soldiers in the Civil War around 1863.

In 1898, a strong storm hit Hilton Head Island. The lighthouse keeper, named Fripp, despite the fierce storm, made his way to the lighthouse to tend to it. He trudged through driving rail to the oil house, and then to the tower, then up the spiral staircase to the top. Fripp reached the top, just as a strong gust of wind shattered one of the glass panes in the lantern house. The strenuous work of making his way through the storm and up the stairs plus the shock of the window blasting out in the lantern house must have caused Fripp’s heart to give out.

Fripp’s daughter Caroline noticed that her father had been gone for some time when she took up a lantern and headed out in the storm after him. She was wearing a long blue dress and when she got to the top of the lighthouse, she found her father there, dying. He asked her to keep the lantern in the lighthouse burning no matter what. She promised she would. And she trudge through water that was up to her hips in places to keep the light burning.

Finally, when the storm ended, people came to check up on Fripp. Caroline had managed to keep the light burning in the lighthouse, but unfortunately, the whole ordeal had been too much for her. She died of exhaustion shortly after that.

Travel Instructions: The lighthouse is located at Palmetto Dunes Resort. Although the resort is open, the lighthouse is closed. Take Highway 278 onto Hilton Head Island. Palmetto Dunes Resort is located at about mile marker 8. From 278, turn east onto Queens Folly Road until you come to a guard shack. Tell them you want to visit the lighthouse and they will give you a pass (they may not give you a pass if it is after 5 P.M.). Go straight on Ocean Lane to the gate on your right that lead into Arthur Hills Golf Course. Go through the gate and turn left onto Leamington Lane. Follow Leamington Lane to the lighthouse.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the Old Lighthouse on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina:

The ghost of Caroline is said to haunt the old skeletal frame Lighthouse on Hilton Head Island. She appears more often during the hurricane season, always wearing a blue dress. Thus she has been dubbed the “Blue Lady” Sometimes people report hearing disembodied “sobbing” sounds that they attribute to her.

There are several locations throughout the United States where people report “Blue Ladies”. These ghosts are usually doing something different than “White Ladies” who are typically searching for lost children or lost loves and wearing all white. Blue Ladies seem to be playing a protective role perhaps in this life or since having passed over. In Fort Hays, Kansas, for example, a ghostly woman known as “Elizabeth” is often reported as wearing all blue. She took care of sick soldiers at the fort and is buried nearby. As with Caroline, her presence is associated with a sort of heroic caregiving or protection.

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Hilton Head Island, SC South Carolina, USA

Hilton Head Island, SC South Carolina, USA

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