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Old OIT on old fort road

Old OIT on old fort road

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Old Fort Road, Klamath Falls, OR, USA

Old OIT is an old college located on Old Fort Road, in Klamath Falls, Oregon. There is an old tree that is located along the road near to old OIT that has a very interesting urban legend. The legend of this tree, is that there was an Indian chief who was hung from the tree. The haunting around this tree is that if you park underneath this purportedly haunted tree, the Indian chief will come and push you up the hill in front of the tree. There are many hauntings that have a similar story to this particular one; children pushing you over train tracks, children pushing your car over a bridge, etc.. Frequently, these hauntings will involve children, but in rare cases such as this one, grown people, or ghosts. There are two buildings left remaining of the buildings that used to be at the Old OIT college. There used to be a gym, which contained a small swimming pool, a dorm, and two school buildings. Many of these buildings are now gone and not in use, although there are a few freestanding walls. Of the two buildings left remaining, only one is in relatively good condition. The other building apparently has blood stains on one side of it. Many people have said that Old OIT is a very creepy and evil place. The reason for this speculation is rather odd, but yet it still makes sense in weird way. People believe that there is a group of Satanists who worship up on the hill behind the Old OIT college. There are two different types of Satanists that I have found. The first, are Satanists who are quite simply, atheists who enjoy life to it’s fullest extent. The second, on the other hand, is more what comes to mind when a person might think of a Satanist; someone who worships the devil, performs sacrifices (human or animal), and consorts with demons.

Some of the ghostly happenings that have been reported by a more than a few witnesses are that of seeing apparitions in the area of the two buildings. Sometimes, witnesses will see a thick, confined fog, also in the area of one of these two buildings. People have also reported that there have been loud bangs coming from the direction of the buildings at the Old OIT college at night. There is another haunting that says that if you park your car next to the old buildings, and turn it off, that you will hear chanting and footsteps. The last haunting may be a work of peoples imaginations, because it is believed that there is a group of Satanist worshiping the devil and performing rituals. Witnesses may be imagining the chanting and footsteps, but it has happened to several people, which makes it easier to believe.

There is another weird thing still at this haunted college in Oregon. Along the side of Old Fort Road, there are a series of 30 foot tall poles. On each pole, there are three large tires hanging from them. No one is sure how they got up there, or who put them up there. Old OIT college on Old Fort Road in Klamath Falls in Oregon, is a very strange place with many strange hauntings and happenings that quite a few people witness if they go there.

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  1. My family owns the warehouse. they have spent many hours in there and even spent the night. It’s not haunted. please stay off the property and go get scared somewhere else.

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