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Palace Hotel and Casino

Palace Hotel and Casino


Located at 172 East Bennet Ave. in Cripple Creek, CO.


Originally, the Palace Hotel was a the Palace Drug store. The drug store was converted to a hotel in 1892. It is the longest continuously running business in Cripple Creek, however, the original building that was constructed in 1892 was destroyed by the fires that raged through Cripple Creek in 1896.

The hotel was owned at one time by Dr. and Mrs. Chambers. Mrs. Kitty Chambers cared for the hotel and its guests until 1908 when she died in room 3.


People report feeling a gentle nudge as they walk down the stairs even though no one is there.

The ghost of "Kitty Chambers" is said to haunt the casino. Reports allege that the ghost holds a candle in her hand and indeed that candles will "light by themselves".

A tall woman, a short fat man, and a blind piano player are among other apparitions that have been reported at the Palace Hotel and Casino.

The Southwest Ghost Hunters Association group investigated this location and captured an interesting EVP and had a number of personal experiences in room 3 at the Palace Hotel and Casino.


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172 East Bennet Ave. Cripple Creek CO Colorado United States

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