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Paris Gibson Square Museum, Great Falls

Paris Gibson Square Museum, Great Falls

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  • Date Posted: May 4, 2014
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The Paris Gibson Square Museum has been a hub of education for over 100 years for residents of Great Falls and the surrounding communities. The building was dedicated in 1896 after serving as Central High School in Great Falls for 34 years prior to that. In 1977, the building was renovated and registered as an historic landmark. Today the Paris Gibson Square building functions as an art museum.

Ghosts of Paris Gibson Square:

The ghost of “Timmy” is said to haunt the Paris Gibson Square Museum in Great Falls, Montana. His restless spirit resides there because, according to how the locals tell it, Timmy drowned in a pool that was once located on the present-day site of the Paris Gibson Square Museum. The most active area at the museum is the boiler room. Staff workers have reported much agitation about going into this area of the museum due to the paranormal activity that is said to occur there. The ghost of Timmy is said to steal things like keys or play pranks with the elevator, particularly late at night.

The real tale behind the ghost stories at Paris Gibson Square was uncovered by a reporter for the Great Falls Tribune, Carol Bradley. Through some investigation into the history of Great Falls, she found that a student, Grant Mill drowned in 1916, but not at Central High School as related by locals. Rather, Grant Mill drowned in the Missouri River nearby.

Other ghosts of Paris Gibson Square include a blonde girl who is occasionally spotted near an office in the basement of the museum. Some staff have reported hearing the disembodied sounds of children playing as well and the sounds of keys “jingling” when no one is around.  People have often sense the presence of someone else in the room when they are alone and EVP’s have also been recorded including that of a male voice saying, “She could hear me!”

Other Related Haunts:

If art isn’t your thing and you’re in the mood for a more nitty-gritty type of haunt, consider heading down the road to Butte, Montana to see the haunted Dumas Brothel. There’s enough paranormal activity going on here to keep most ghost enthusiasts interested!



1400 1st Avenue North Great Falls MT Montana United States

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