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River Legacy Park-Screaming Bridge

River Legacy Park-Screaming Bridge

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  • Date Posted: May 4, 2014
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  • Address: 703 Northwest Green Oaks Boulevard, Arlington, TX 76006, USA

Screaming Bridge at River Legacy Park

History and Demographics for Arlington, Texas:

Arlington, Texas is located near Dallas and Fort Worth forming the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington metroplex. Arlington is the 7th largest city in Texas and 49th largest city in the United States. The first settlements here were established as early as the 1840’s. The city of Arlington was officially founded in 1876 along the Texas and Pacific railway.

River Legacy Park opened as a public park in 1990. It originally contained only about 370 acres. Today, however, River Legacy contains 1,300 acres that follows the Trinity River in Arlington, Texas.

At River Legacy Park in Arlington, Texas, there are a variety of habitats including bottomland forest, wetlands, and prairie.

The Ghosts and Hauntings of the Screaming Bridge at River Legacy Park in Arlington, Texas:

Ghostly tombstones are said to haunt the Trinity River where a group of students plummed following a fatal car accident, which included, dramatically, the death of everyone in both cars, and a finale including both cars bursting into flames. According to local lore, in order to have the most profound experience at Screaming Bridge, one should find out the exact date when said car accident occurred. Then, wander through the River Legacy Park until you find the Screaming Bridge. If you are able to accomplish these two tasks, then head out to the Screaming Bridge at midnight (the witching hour) and sit there and wait. As you wait, you should see glowing ghostly tombstones. Not real tombstones, phantasmic tombstones that glow down in the water in the Trinity River under the Screaming Bridge. After seeing the glowing greenish-colored phantasmic tombstones, a thick fog should envelope the bridge (according to tales from those who’ve experienced it). And then, at last, as you sit on the bridge with the fog all around you, you’ll see the ghostly headlights of the car as it approaches.

Other Related Haunts:

Interestingly, the Screaming Bridge in Arlington, Texas is not the only one of its kind. There is a Screaming Bridge in West Chester, Ohio that includes stories of large numbers of people perishing in car and bus accidents. There is also a Screaming Bridge in Williamston, North Carolina, and one in Carmel, Indiana as well.


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