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Riverdale Road and the Gates of Hell

Riverdale Road and the Gates of Hell


Riverdale Road runs from Highway 7 in Brighton to northeast Denver around the Thornton area. It runs along the Adams County Regional Park.


This is a meandering curvy stretch of roads that run parallel to the South Platte River. They are poorly maintained.

According to Shadowlands, this road passes along a stretch of fertile farmland where large Sugar Beet farms employed poor migrant workers who were mistreated. Riverdale Road also, according to this report, was once a trail used by Cherokee Indians.

A car accident on Yosemite, just off Riverdale recently claimed the life of one woman.

The Gates of Hell is located at the northernmost end of Riverdale Road where it gets "distinctly more hilly". The hills apparently surround the building that has become known to local teens as "The Gates of Hell". Local lore claims that in the 1980’s a religious cult of some sort used the building to do some odd rituals, one of which involved the murder of a child. "The Gates of Hell" is apparently hard to find (ironic, huh?). We have not sent out our team to try our luck at it yet, but any extra information on the exact location would be helpful. Including street signs, using cardinal directions (like north, south, east, and west) in your description, etc. would make it possible for our people to find this actual location.

We have not confirmed these stories as historically accurate.

People have reported coyotes in this region.


Reports of disembodied voices and faint disembodied screams. There have also been reports of a Lady in White who stands by the road and approaches the car but then disappears.

Reports of various apparitions along Riverdale Road including sightings of "phantom dogs" (note that coyotes are said to frequent this area as well).

The "Platte Valley Witch" is a legendary figure in this area apparently as well.


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Brighton, CO Colorado, USA

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  1. Riverdale Road! The name brings back memories! I grew up near RR and often drove upon this stretch. It is beautiful drive, very relaxing and peaceful if you’re willing to respect the many curves and 35 MPH signs. Every few years from at least the 1980’s a group of drunk high schoolers manage to plow into one of the huge cottonwoods and there have been many fatalities on Riverdale Road. I wouldn’t know how to go about this but if someone were inclined to research police reports and RR I imagine quite a few young people met their deaths beyond the ones I personally know about.
    Regarding the Pillar of Fire/Westminster castle also in Colorado: my grandparents worked there and lived on “the hill”, my parents attended and met at bellview and my brother attended the school while my dad was an electrician for the campus. Dad and I have been over ever square inch of those buildings, especially the castle–what the hill people call “the college building”. There is a super high radio tower that may explain claims of electronic anomalies, and the building is ancient and creaks and groans everywhere, especially given all floors are wood, staircases are huge wooden caverns–forget about trying to continue a conversation until you’ve gotten off the stairs. Haunted or not, I can’t say but either way a building like that will be noisy. People may not realize this but there are apartments still occupied (by the living!) on the top floors, and it is very common for kids to sneak up to the tower for, um, romance. Many people I know were conceived up in the tower! Anyhow, I’m not saying there isn’t unusual activity in the college building but there are logical explanations for faces in upper windows and electronic interference. And my grandparents and Daddy are buried in the cemetery; if there be any haunting there the presence of my father’s remains will overpower anything–he was a man full of light and love and fun and joy and no one has a bigger heart or more generous spirit than my Dad. Of course, I’m Catholic so I really believe Dad is in heaven! And I’m not likely to go to that or any cemetery at night, just in casers. Hope this info is helpful in some way.

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