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San Antonio Railroad Crossing

San Antonio Railroad Crossing

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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: Railroad Avenue, San Antonio, FL 33576, USA

San Antonio, Texas

Villa Main Railroad Tracks

All across the United States, at various railroad crossings, people report that when their car is placed in neutral and left near the tracks, that small ghostly children will “push” the car across the tracks to safety. At each of these locations, people typically claim that these small children were victims of a tragic bus-train accident. One location claims that the children were abused to death by their father. At any rate, the way folks at these “haunted” railroad crossings test for ghostly children is by sprinkling their car bumper with baby powder. Little handprints show up in the baby powder on the bumper when small children are present.

At the San Antonio, Villa Main Railroad Tracks, people claim that if you go on the night of the fatal bus accident, and leave your car in PARK that you will hear an ethereal train, feel the wind coming off an ethereal train, and the railroad crossing guards will coming down and the lights will start blinking even though there is no train. When the ghostly train has gone, the car will have been pushed back several feet. Or so the story goes. Further, if one dusts the car with baby powder, there will be little handprints all over.

Unfortunately, there is no actual record of a bus accident happening at this Railroad Crossing.

Further, surveyors have been able to establish that there is a downward grade of about 2% at the railroad crossing, which explains why cars in neutral roll across the tracks.

The San Antonio Haunted Railroad Crossing is located south of the city near the San Juan Mission.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the Villa Main Railroad Tracks in San Antonio, Texas:

Though a number of elements about the Villa Main Railroad Crossing in San Antonioi have been debunked, people still report strange goings-on at this location, somewhat unrelated to the cars moving across the tracks in neutral and the handprints in the babypowder.

People have recorded EVP’s at this location, including the sound of a heartbeat.

People have reported having unexplained car trouble that arises after experimenting with the ghostly children at the Railroad Crossing.

Others have reported clearly hearing the sound of children playing on a playground, though there is no playground nearby.

One person reported that on a white car, they saw droplets of blood instead of handprints after the car was pushed across the tracks.

Ghost hunters have reported picking up orbs or spheres on film as well as vapors and mists.


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Railroad Avenue, San Antonio, FL Florida 33576, USA

Railroad Avenue, San Antonio, FL Florida 33576, USA

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