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San Haven

San Haven

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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: 98th Street Northeast, Dunseith, ND 58329, USA

Dunseith, North Dakota

San Haven TB Hospital Information:

The San Haven TB Hospital is located northeast of Dunseith on 30th Avenue NE/Highway 3/Highway 281. Follow 30th Avenue NE north out of Dunseith and then turn east on to 98th Street NE.

The San Haven TB Hospital was closed in 1987. It served as a tuberculosis sanitarium in the early and mid 1900’s. In the 1970’s it was converted into a state school for the mentally handicapped.

On October 13, 2001, a 17 year old boy fell 40 feet down an elevator shaft to his death. A 16 year old boy also fell down the same shaft and was injured. (According to one source, his life was spared because his fall was broken by his friend’s body). As many as a dozen teens were in the building the night that the two young men were killed. They had been exploring the facility for “ghosts”.The main building where the incident occurred was thus taped off and round-the-clock security was hired to guard the place.

People seem to report frequently that the gardens at the San Haven TB Hospital were beautiful. Today, this place is abandoned and, as some people put it, “trashed”. There are tunnels that some folks have been brave enough to explore, but today, you must get permission first.

San Haven TB Hospital Haunting:

Visitors to San Haven have reported hearing the disembodied sounds of babies crying. They also report seeing apparitions in windows around San Haven.


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98th Street Northeast, Dunseith, ND North Dakota 58329, USA

98th Street Northeast, Dunseith, ND North Dakota 58329, USA

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