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Screaming Bridge

Screaming Bridge

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  • Date Posted: May 3, 2014
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  • Address: Carmel, IN, USA

Carmel, Indiana

The Screaming Bridge

Carmel, Indiana:

Carmel is located in Hamilton County in the central part of the state of Indiana immediately north of Indianapolis. It is a larger city of about 80,000 residents.

Interesting Facts about the Screaming Bridge:

Though some web resources claim that the Screaming Bridge is no longer there or that it never existed, the truth is, a wrought iron bridge did exist and it has been replaced by a more modern and safer concrete bridge using the original supports. It is located in the midst of a residential neighborhood.

Ghosts of the Screaming Bridge:

There are a number of stories told about the Screaming Bridge in Carmel, but not as many stories as at other Screaming Bridge like the one in West Chester, Ohio. Take a look at the Arlington, Texas Screaming Bridge as well and compare the stories told about these three places. There are definitely some similarities.

There are a number of restless spirits that are said to be haunting the Screaming Bridge in Carmel, Indiana. Unfortunately, however, the bridge has been blocked off due to violence and traffic problems, according to some sources. Other sources claim that the bridge itself has now been removed.

The Screaming Bridge is similar to a story told about Lake Wa-Con-Da in Union, Nebraska. It has elements that would make it appropriate to call this bridge a “Cry Baby Bridge” because the ghost story associated with it is so similar to those told at Cry Baby Bridges across the United States. As the story goes, a young girl gave birth to a baby out of wedlock. Her father gave her a choice: she could either take the baby into the woods and abandon it to die or be cast out of the house and out of the family to live a stigmatized life as a single mother. The distraught young woman decided that neither choice suited her and hung herself from the bridge (the Screaming Bridge, to be exact). Now, as a result, locals claim to hear the disembodied sounds of a woman and/or a young infant crying when the visit the bridge.

The other story associated with the Screaming Bridge is also very common to Cry Baby Bridge lore. In this story, a woman has a car accident at the bridge and dies. Her body is never found. On nights of the full moon however, visitors to the bridge report hearing the eerie screams of her restless spirit at the stroke of midnight. This tale is remarkably similar to one about Mary Jane’s Bridge in Broussard/New Iberia, Louisiana. The body of Mary Jane was also never found.

Paranormal investigations at the Screaming Bridge in Carmel, Indiana have actually turned up some interesting tidbits despite the somewhat far-flung nature of the ghost stories surrounding it. Batteries in cameras were drained shortly after they were turned on. The temperature dropped precipitously and there were EMF spikes of about medium strength from time to time throughout the investigation.  Some very respectable EVP’s were also recorded by the N.I.G.H.T. group (Nocturnal Investigative Ghost Hunting Team).

Other Related Haunts:

If you like things that scream, then consider looking into the Screaming Well in Hutchison, Kansas or the Screaming Well in Seattle, Washington. And there is yet another Screaming Bridge located in Williamston, North Carolina, as well!

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  1. I lived in homeplace from 1965 to 1987 & I remember the bridge.
    It was an old rusty iron bridge.

  2. I graduated in 1980 lived off Grey Rd Carmel. I do remember it took a little bit to get to bridge and there was an upward hill area on one side and drop on other. Was a metal bridge.

  3. I Remember this bridge I graduated from Carmel HS. Went there to bridge it was a metal bridge but it did take a little to get to and a gravel road.

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