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The Devil’s Backbone

The Devil’s Backbone


Located along State Road 25 where the road gets notably curvy and rural.


Local lore claims that a train used to run through the area now known as Devil’s Backbone, but that the train sank into the quicksand in the area. No historical data that we’ve found so far has supported this story, however, there was a train/trolley system that ran between Warsaw and Winona. It carried passengers until 1938 and freight until 1952 before it was discontinued as a railroad service. It’s possible that stories about a train that "disappeared" may be derived from the Winona/Warsaw railroad/trolley system that was discontinued about 50 years ago.

Warsaw incorporated on March 25, 1854. It was named after the capital of Poland which speaks to the ancestral roots of the community.

The Devil’s Backbone area that we were directed to was along a curvy road and heavily treed and somewhat marshy, like it had been recently flooded or perhaps it is always a bit wet in the area possibly due to the lake and the little creek that runs through it. There is a no trespassing sign on a tree and the area is fenced off, obviously privately owned.


Unexplained sounds of a freight train have been reported when driving along State Road 25 particularly around midnight.


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  1. I grew up in Warsaw and the story is that a horse and buggy were going through Devil’s backbone when the horse got spooked causing the buggy and the people in it to crash. They say the buggy sank and the people died. If you go there on certain times at night you can hear the horse running and then hear people screaming for help.

  2. My grandparents live in the only house on the Devils Backbone and having spent most of my summers there I’ve never experienced this. From what I was told there was a carriage that went off the road into the swamp and the haunting involves their ghosts but I’ve never actually experienced any type of paranormal activity. There was never a train running through this area that I’ve ever heard of and there’s a road just east of the Devils Backbone that is frequented by semis and other large vehicles that might explain the noise.

  3. This article is silly. I live out there and the train sound comes from one of two tracks they are still

  4. I grew up with a similar but very different story. It was actually a deadly horse and buggy crash (from what I understood, more than one buggy). The sounds heard in the area are the screams of horses and people sinking in the quicksand, unable to get out.

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