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The Glowing Cemetery

The Glowing Cemetery

Located North of Columbus.

The History:

The lore associated with the Glowing Cemetery is that a bus full of children rolled off a bridge and the children died. We have found no evidence that this event actually occurred in Columbus.

We stopped briefly at the Holiday gas station in town to inquire about local haunts. The fellow behind the counter was completely clueless about such things, but as we stood talking with him, a drunken customer came in. This man was very interested in ghosts and ghost hunting. In his inebriated state, he talked at some length about the various haunts around town including the Glowing Cemetery. He said that he had never personally seen anything at the cemetery, but he had heard that the place was haunted and had gone out there to see for himself with no interesting results.

The cemetery was gated off when we visited and not wanting to trespass, we stood at the outskirts taking photos and talking to any spirits who might be present to chat with us. Our photos were initially clear with no abnormalities. As we talked, however, we did take some photos with significant numbers of orbs and/or dust particles. It was a legitimately creepy location.

Paranormal Reports:

Gravestones will glow when there is a full moon on account of the limestone that makes up the tombstones.

Additionally, if one were to put powder all over one’s car and drive it in neutral one would be able to see the handprints from children. This phenomena is related back to the legend of the bus full of children who died there. One report also claimed that people who attempt to turn their car around in the middle of the bridge will have trouble getting their car started again.

Other Related Haunts:

Interestingly, Gold Camp Road in Colorado Springs, Colorado has a nearly identical story about a busload of children associated with complete with baby powder and handprints!


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