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The Kozy Cafe

The Kozy Cafe

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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: 3525 South Echo Road, Coalville, UT 84017, USA

Echo, Utah

Echo is an unincorporated community in northern Utah in Summit County. The town of Echo originated as a stopover along the Mormon Trail. Later, Echo served as a junction between the first Transcontinental Railroad and a spur line to serve silver mines near Park City, Utah.

Since, the creation of U.S. Highways, Echo has served as a highway junction, where the main road coming from Wyoming splits with one branch proceeding towards Salt Lake City and continuing towards San Francisco, California. The other highway heads towards Ogden, continuing to Portland, Oregon.

After the Great Depression in the 1930′s, Echo’s population and prosperity diminished. There are a few buildings left today, including a church, a tavern, and some houses.

The Kozy Cafe Information:

The Kozy Cafe is located at 3525 South Echo Road in Echo, Utah. The building was purchased in 1948 by Willard and Cora Dillree. Their son, Clinton, took an interest in the Kozy Cafe and spent much of his time there, helping to run the place. He became known as “Fat” Dillree. Sadly, “Fat” died an early death.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the Kozy Cafe in Echo, Utah:

Employees at the Kozy Cafe in Echo, Utah report that the jukebox manifests some strange behaviors at times. The volume will go up without explanation, and certain songs will start to play (in particular, a Johnny Cash song) when no one has actually cued up the music. Disembodied footsteps have been reported and one of the bar stools spin, without explanation.

Echo locals believe that the Dillrees haunt the Kozy Cafe and are responsible for the strange phenomena that go on in the building. “Fat” was known to have a favorite bar stool and employees regularly report hearing it “spin” when no one is sitting in it. Occasionally, employees report hearing Fat’s voice asking for a cup of coffee. When they look to see, there is no one there. And Fat particularly enjoyed Johnny Cash. They attribute the weird phenomena associated with the jukebox to him.


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3525 South Echo Road, Coalville, UT Utah 84017, USA

3525 South Echo Road, Coalville, UT Utah 84017, USA

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