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The Mizpah Hotel

The Mizpah Hotel

Tonopah, Nevada

Tonopah is a census-designated place in Nye County, Nevada in the southwestern quadrant of the state. It is located at the junction of U.S. Route 6 and U.S. Route 95. It is situated approximately half-way between Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. Tonopah is home to approximately 3,000 residents.

The Mizpah Hotel Information:

The Mizpah Hotel is an historic five story hotel named after the Mizpah Mine in Tonopah, Nevada. It was the first permanent structure in Tonopah.

The Mizpah Hotel was abandoned as of the year 2000. On October 31, 2006, the building burned down. Investigators discovered 12 bodies in the burned hotel, making it the deadliest fire in Reno’s history. A resident of the hotel, Valerie Moore, is facing 12 counts of first degree murder and one count of arson. 

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the Mizpah Hotel in Tonapah, Nevada:

Three ghosts have been regularly reported at the Mizpah Hotel: The Lady in Red, a politician, and a miner.

The Lady in Red was a prostitute who was strangled on the sixth floor of the Mizpah Hotel by a jealous boyfriend. The Lady in Red is said to follow guests around and reportedly will play with the gaming equipment. Her apparition was observed by paranormal investigators one night gliding through a hallway at the Mizpah. Her ghostly appearance was described by them as being “shimmering and greenish blue”, rather than red, however.

The politician is said to be the ghost of a man who died in the Mizpah Hotel right before his election. Fearful of losing to the other party in the election, the politician’s aides kept his body on ice in a bathtub until the votes were cast and he was reelected.

People have reported, on two different occasions, hearing a woman in some sort of distress in the Mizpah Hotel Restaurant. When they went to check on her, there was no one there.

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Tonopah, NV Nevada, USA

Tonopah, NV Nevada, USA

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  1. This article confuses two different Mizpah Hotels. The one in Tonopah was abandoned in 2000. The one in Reno burned in an arson fire in 2006, killing 12.

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