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The Painted House

The Painted House

This is private property located beyond the Brule city limits.

The History:

We do not have any historical information about this location currently at this time.

The house was abandoned "as is". Furnishings, curtains, dishes, etc. are all still in the house. It seems likely that the previous residents died or left the house quickly, not taking any of their possessions with them.

The Haunting:

This is the site of satanic or other "black magic" rituals. There are pictures and writing on the walls in the house. One of the well-known paintings is of the grim reaper. There are cages in the upstairs rooms, with fur and feathers still on the wire of the cages from the animals that were held captive in them. In an attic room, there is a small chair, with the words "Mercy Seat" painted above it.

People have reported heavy winds blowing them away from the house. Circling crows have reportedly followed visitors to the site. Years ago, a local teen used a butterknife to poke out the eyes of the "grim reaper" on the upstairs wall. Upon visiting the house again, it was reported that the eyes were "filled in" though the butterknife was still on the floor.

On the walls leading up the staircase, there are a number of demonic names written in black magic marker. It is a tight staircase that leads upstairs into 3 bedrooms and further into an attic room.


This house looks formidable from the outside.

The "filled in eyes" could have easily been the result of a little tape and spackle. However, the fact that someone would take the time to tape and spackle such a painting in such a worn and weathered home is interesting to note. It seems to indicate ongoing rituals at the painted house.

This is a private location. Obtain permission before visiting the painted house.

Brule, NE Nebraska 69127, USA

Brule, NE Nebraska 69127, USA

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