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The Starin Park Water Tower | Witch’s Tower

The Starin Park Water Tower | Witch’s Tower

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  • Date Posted: May 3, 2014
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  • Address: West Starin Road, Whitewater, WI 53190, USA

Whitewater, Wisconsin

Whitewater, Wisconsin is a University town in the southeastern part of the state in Walworth and Jefferson Counties. It has a population of about 13,000 people.

Whitewater was founded at the confluence of the Whitewater Creek and the Spring Brook. It was named for the white sands along the river beds.

Starin Park Water Tower | Witch’s Tower Information:

Prior to 1889, there were many rumors that Whitewater, Wisconsin harbored many witches. The rumor was strong enough that Whitewater got dubbed “The Second Salem” by some folks.

The Morris Pratt Institute, the first school ever to be dedicated to communicating with the spirit world was built in 1889 and located at the present-day site of the University of Wisconsin. Residents of Whitewater called the Morris Pratt Institute, “The Spook Temple” as well as “The School of the Black Arts”. The Morris Pratt School was moved out of Whitewater in 1946.

The stone water tower in Starin Park is known to Whitewater residents as The Witch’s Tower. Locals claim that witches meet at the tower to perform candlelit ceremonies and rituals at the tower in Starin Park. It was surrounded for some time by barbed wire. Today the barbed wire has been replaced with iron fencing. Apparently the barbed wire fence was replaced with iron fencing because a fellow broke in and got over the barbed wire fencing one night, trying to exorcise the water tower of its witches. After the event, the barbed wire was replaced with an iron fence. People claim that the rituals and ceremonies have attracted malignant entities to Starin Park.

Interestingly, the three Whitewater cemeteries form a perfect isosceles triangle. Residents of Whitewater call it The Witch’s Triangle.

A series of underground tunnels intertwine underneath the community of Whitewater. Some people believe these tunnels were used as part of the Underground Railroad. Others believe they were used to help witches accomplish their black deeds, or white deeds too, for that matter.

Wells Hall dormitory was built in the 1960’s. The Wells Hall dormitory grounds was a site where witch covens of the Morris Pratt Institute once met regularly. Some legends say that somewhere buried underneath Wells Hall dormitory there is an altar and a number of bodies buried upright. Other legends claim that the altar and upright bodies are buried beneath Oak Grove Cemetery.

There is a rumor about a mysterious book in the University Library which contains information that is so dark and horrible that four people committed suicide after reading it and a variety of others simply went mad. This book is now under lock and key, according to the local lore. Some people say that the mystic book is not located at the University Library at all, but rather in a room under the old library (now home to the Whitewater Arts Alliance) on Main Street.

The Ghosts and Spirits of the Water Tower | Witch’s Tower in Starin Park:

Locals have seen apparitions of witches at the Witch’s Tower/Water Tower in Starin Park. Paranormal Investigations at the Starin Park water tower have also turned up EVP’s.


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