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Von Minden Hotel

Von Minden Hotel

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  • Date Posted: Apr 29, 2014
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  • Address: Texas, USA

This historical hotel on 607 Lyons Ave was built in 1927, and contained 41 rooms. Besides being a hotel it also contains the local movie theater. The theater opened in November 1927 and the hotel the following year. Today, this hotel is the only one in Texas with a functioning theater featuring the latest films.

Investigation Results: The investigation began like any typical one. We set out cameras and took preliminary readings without serious incident. We went out for a bite to eat, and afterwards began the investigation of the Hard Times Café. Other than a few electromagnetic readings and a few bizarre smells of cigar and lavender, it was pretty uneventful. About 1am, we decided to retire for the evening so Casey went up to Room 37 and Jen, Roseanna, Trish, and Wanda retired to Room 7. This is when the activities began. Roseanna was the first to wake up when she thought she heard a woman’s voice from the corner of the room. Once we turned the lights back on, we realized that something or someone had also turned the air conditioner to the off position. We set the air back on low and tried to go back to sleep. Throughout the early morning hours, Trish, Roseanna, and Jen continued to hear the woman’s voice saying something that sounded like “go.” We also heard whispering, whistling, and what sounded like doors closing throughout the morning hours. The air conditioner mysteriously turned itself off three other times. Trish also heard what sounded like a horse drawn carriage and a mysterious knocking sound from outside of the window. The door leading out of our room into the hallway opened twice on its own throughout the evening. In addition to hearing the various sounds, the electromagnetic reader was marking high. All and all we did not get much sleep that night. While numerous personal experiences occurred here, concrete evidence could not be obtained from instruments.


Texas, USA

Texas, USA

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