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Whistler’s Bridge

Whistler’s Bridge

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Stanton, NE 68779, USA

The History:

There is no address or location information given in regard to this legend. The legend itself goes as follows:

A fellow went nuts and killed his family. Then he hung himself at Whistler’s Bridge. The name of the bridge is so named because the man would often sit at the bridge fishing and whistling.

The Haunting:

Apparently, paranormal activity at this unspecified location consists of hearing a person whistling because this man purportedly often sat on the bridge and whistled while he fished. Some reports claims that one can see the man late at night hanging from the bridge.


Although I have not been able to track down the exact location of this bridge, I would guess that most (or at least several) locals would know where the bridge is located.

This report combines a number of local-lore type of elements, which makes it questionable, to me, whether or not this is a site where paranormal activity takes place, or whether it is a site that has just been portrayed frequently through legend and now is considered mysterious and powerful because of the story that has been built around this setting.


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Stanton NE Nebraska United States

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  1. The bridge is 2 miles west of Stanton and then maybe at most 2 miles’s on west side of road

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