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Witch’s Graveyard

Witch’s Graveyard

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Fowler Drive, Marietta, GA 30066, USA

Witch’s Graveyard

Marietta, GA




According to some sources, the Witch’s Graveyard is located past the Cochran Bridge that is also known as “Cry Baby Bridge” to locals. This location is also haunted.


According to other sources, the graveyard is located at the end of Fowler Road in Smyrna, Georgia. Fowler Road turns into a dead end. Keep in mind that police patrol this area because people do drug deals here. Get permission before you go for your own safety.


Another resource gives the following, more detailed directions: The Witch’s Graveyard is at the end of Fowler Road off of South Hurt Road. Take Concord Road to get there. Go through the covered bridge and then turn right onto South Hurt Road. Then turn right again onto Fowler Road. Go past the house until the road forks. GO left. The cemetery is at the end of the road.


Witch’s Graveyard Facts:


The Witch’s Graveyard in Marietta, Georgia is quite a famous place, perhaps because of the interesting paranormal activity that is said to take place there. There are not many graves on site, but the paranormal events make up for the lack of dead bodies. Locals believe that a witch is buried in the graveyard and this is one of the reasons for the paranormal phenomena that takes place there.


There are rumors of occult worship or perhaps Satanic worship at the Witch’s Graveyard in Marietta. Some visitors have seen groups of people in white robes gathered in the graveyard performing some sort of ritual.


Ghosts of Witch’s Graveyard:


Visitors to the graveyard report all kinds of paranormal activity. Feelings of being watched and cold spots are common. Some people even get nauseated at the graveyard.

Batteries often are drained while in the graveyard. Visitors have captured photos of orbs and other anomalies.


Some resources claim that the real paranormal activity stems from events that took place in the houses that are located near the graveyard. According to local lore, a man killed his wife and children and then himself in one of the houses in the 1980’s.


Other Related Haunts:


There are some other well-known haunted graveyards where witch’s are supposedly buried. One that is fairly well-known is Witch’s Grave in Aurora, Nebraska. Another Witch’s Grave in Georgia is located in Mableton.  There are a variety of other Witch’s Grave throughout the country as well. Below is a list of some haunted locations that are famous due to the presence of a witch:



Fowler Road Marietta GA Georgia United States

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