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Wood County Historical Museum

Wood County Historical Museum

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: 13660 County Home Road, Bowling Green, OH 43402, USA

Bowling Green, Ohio 

Bowling Green is located in Wood County near Toledo, Ohio. It has a population of about 30,000 residents.

Wood County Historical Museum Information:

In 1865, the Wood County Board of Commissioners decided to build a poor farm. By 1867, they had raised enough funding to buy 160 acres southeast of Bowling Green, Ohio. The poor farm opened its doors in 1869 and six residents from the County Insane Farm in Perrysburg moved in. By the 1870′s there were 65 residents.

At this time, it was believed that poor work ethic was the reason why the residents of the poor farm were unemployed. The infirmary was thus considered rehabilitative. In reality, the industrialization and new technologies in agriculture had reduced the number of men needed to run the average farm, putting thousands of farm hands out of work. All residents of the infirmary (referred to at the time as “inmates”) performed daily chores that made it possible to run The Home as a self-sufficient farm.

The Lunatic Asylum was built after 1878.

In 1900, 8 inmates died during a flu epidemic.

In 1949, many of the mentally ill, orphaned, and homeless residents were moved to other types of facilities due to state and federal legislation. At this time, The Home functioned primarily as a nursing home for the elderly. On February 15, 1971, the residents of The Home were moved to a new County Home about half a mile away. The County Commissioners proposed that the old building be torn down.

Instead, The Home became the Wood County Historical Society and Museum. In 1975, it opened its doors to the public.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the Woods County Historical Museum in Bowling Green, Ohio:

Disembodied voices and other strange sounds (like scratching sounds and banging sounds, for example) have been reported at the Woods County Historical Museum in Bowling Green. Visitors and staff have also reported seeing other strange things. One person reported seeing a padlock “spin” without being touched.

Full bodied apparitions have been reported on the grounds and in the windows of the buildings at the Woods County Historical Museum.


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