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Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery is said to be haunted by Onionhead, a deformed man who makes his home in Louisiana graveyards.

Though most people associated the legend of Onionhead with Haaswood Cemetery, locals claim that this deformed man also haunts Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery as well. His head is oddly shaped due to disease and he is either a murderer or witness to the tragic death of children in a fire.

He also visits Camp Salmen Nature Park and Greenwood Cemetery.

3924 Berkley St, Slidell, LA 70458
(985) 643-4137

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Mitchell, South Dakota
Mason Church
History and Demographics for Mitchell, South Dakota:
Mitchell is a larger city in South Dakota with almost 15,000 residents. The village of Mitchell was platted in 1879 and incorporated in 1881 and named after Alexander, Mitchell, the presid

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We visited the St. Marks Episcopal Church on 7/29/09. It is one of several architecturally intriguing buildings in Cheyenne, Wyoming.History:In 1868, the Cheyenne Episcopalians held their services in a small church building. By 1886, the congregation had outgrown this small build

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Asheville, North Carolina
The Basilica of St. Lawrence is said to be haunted by the ghost of the man who designed it, Rafael Guastavino. His body is entombed in the walls of the basilica.
No Author (n.d.). Asheville Ghost Stories. Retrieve d February 4, 2011 from ht

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Haunted Church
According to some locals, if you try to carry a Bible from the altar out of the church, it will get so heavy, you won’t be able to make it out the door. Some visitors have also reported seeing strange, ghostly lights inside the church.
The haunted church is l

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The History:Apparently, there was once a convent near the Krakow Church. The convent (not the church?) was torn down. Upon researching this location, I discovered the Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Krakow, which as established in 1893. This may be the Krakow Church in que

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Pillar of Fire
May 12014

Location:Located at 3455 W. 83rd Ave. in Westminster, CO.History:The Pillar of Fire is a Christian church with its headquarters in Denver, CO. It was established by a woman named Alma White (known to followers as Bishop Alma White) in 1901 but it was named the Pentecostal Union o

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