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Ada, Oklahoma

Kalihoma Indian Reservation Information:

Ada, Oklahoma is located at the junction of Highway 3E and 3W in Pontotoc County southwest of Oklahoma City.

Ada, Oklahoma was incorporated in 1901 in the rolling hills of southern Oklahoma. The Dagg’s family was the first to settle in the Ada, Oklahoma area in the 1880’s. The city was thus, originally called “Dagg’s Prairie”. Ada, is home to 17,000 residents today. It is also home to the Chicksaw Nation.

In 1909 four murderers were hanged in Ada. The event was depicted in an Emmy Award Winning film called Death of the Old West.

Ghosts and Hauntings at Kalihoma Indian Reservation in Ada, Oklahoma:

Locals report some strange events on the roads in the Kalihoma Indian Reservation. Some people say a ghostly car sometimes follows them between 1:00 and 2:00 AM From Highway 28 to Kullihoma Indian Reservation Road.

Floating balls of light are reported at the Chicksaw Nation’s Kalihoma Indian Reservation. According to locals, these balls of light are actually little people who help the Chicksaw Indian children like guardian angels in a way.


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Ada OK Oklahoma United States

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