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Agency Village

Agency Village

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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: Agency Village, SD 57262, USA

Agency Village, South Dakota

Old Agency

History of Agency Village, South Dakota:

Agency Village is in Roberts County, South Dakota. It is a tiny town of only about 270 people.

Agency Village is located less than 5 miles from Interstate 29, but it is in a very desolate area, which is an important fact because folks report little green men and big foot as well as ghosts in this area. Many sources claim that desolation is important for little green men and big foot to really thrive. According to Wikipedia, Little Green Men is slang for “aliens”. Whether big foot and aliens could coexist in the same area remains a mystery, but we’re hoping that people have some thoughts and personal experiences to share.

Annually, Agency Village hosts pow-wow’s that are a fairly major tourist draw to the area. You might consider mixing a ghost hunt/little green man hunt/big foot hunt with attendance at the Agency Village pow-wow to really round out your experience.

Ghosts and Hauntings in Agency Village, South Dakota:

People report sightings of Little Green Men/Aliens.

People also report sightings of Big Foot (but not necessarily on the same day).

And people report that a man and his son were killed by either Big Foot or Little Green Men and that their ghosts roam the hills now along with Big Foot and the Little Green Men near Agency Village.


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Agency Village, SD South Dakota 57262, USA

Agency Village, SD South Dakota 57262, USA

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