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Baker’s School

Baker’s School


Take Barlow Rd. to 1st light which will take you to Sherman. Go 4-5 blocks and then head west.

The History:

According to Shadowlands, this structure burnt down and was rebuilt three times. However, according to our interviews, the school never burnt down, but was indeed gutted in 1996.

The Haunting:

A report from a woman we spoke to in Fort Morgan about the school offered some interesting information about Baker’s School. Apparently, the community accepts the fact that the school is indeed "haunted". She told us that her 6 year old daughter was once in the school by herself (?). The little girl was lost and she saw a man in the school and she followed him to the boiler room. He turned around and looked at her and said, "Little Girl, you’re lost". The 6 year old wouldn’t go back into the school for a long time until the parents went back in to look for the man. The parents took her to see some photos in a musum where she saw one of the curator’s pictures (which is apparently in the Ft. Morgasn museum). The little girl identified this man as the one who helped her find her way out of the school. He had been dead for many years.



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300 Lake Street, Fort Morgan, CO Colorado 80701, USA

300 Lake Street, Fort Morgan, CO Colorado 80701, USA

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