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Located in Butler County, Nebraska, this is a very small school with an enrollment of only about 70 students.

The History:

Construction of the Bellwood Public School building was approved in 1964. Construction of the building was apparently completed sometime in 1965. Construction of this building was justified partially on the basis that coal fires were utilized to maintain heat in four school buildings prior to the construction of this one, more modern school building. The janitor carried the coal from coal bins in the basement up to the stoves, to maintain a warm environment in the old school buildings.

The Haunting:
The apparition of a severely burned female has been seen in the library window. There are also reports of cold spots and strange sounds in the library. Shadowy figures move up and down the halls at night and the sound of “jingling keys” has been reported as well.


The only information that I was able to find regarding the history of Bellwood Public Schools had to do with concerns regardin the coal fire stoves used to heat the buildings in the winter. I don’t know if these coal fire stoves have any bearing on the haunting, or perhaps legend, that revolves around the reports involving a severely burned female or not. Schools are often reported to be "haunted". This "haunting" is unique in that there appears to be specific identifying features that people have described in regard to the "entity" associated with the paranormal activities there.


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Bellwood NE Nebraska United States

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