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Brown Palace Hotel

Brown Palace Hotel

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  • Date Posted: May 4, 2014
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  • Address: 321 17th Street, Denver, CO 80202, USA


Located at 321 17th St. in Denver, CO


The Brown Palace opened on August 12, 1892 and has remained opened continuously since that time. With the exception of Calvin Coolidge, every U.S. president has visited the hotel.

It is rumored that a quite some time ago a tunnel connected the Brown Hotel to the Navarre building a brothel and gambling den across the street.

Before 1923, it has been reported that there was a crematorium in the basement of the hotel. Whether or not this tidbit is true is hard to say without more research. Apparently, the crematorium (if it did indeed exist) was eliminated when the hotel was renovated. It had never been used.


The Brown Palace Hotel is revered as one of the most haunted locations in Denver.

According to some reports, a socialite once lived in room 904 and the story of her sad life was told to people who took the historic tour. When the story began being told by a historian on the tour, the switchboard suddenly started receiving calls from room 904, even though it was under renovations. The story was eliminated from the tour and then the calls stopped.

On another tour, by the same historian, the fax machine in the room began ringing. When they looked at the fax, however, it was just squiggles. Other tour groups have witnessed the tv turning on by itself inside the armoir. When the guide turned the tv off, it just came back on again, on its own.

An apparition of a string quartet was seen in the San Marco Room where big bands used to play. Apparitions of a uniformed waiter and a train conductor have also been observed. Disembodied sounds of children playing in the hallway and babies cries have also been reported.


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