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Located at 3rd and Macomb St. in Valentine, Nebraska.

The History:

Centennial Hall is a 2 story brick building with 12 rooms. It was used as a school for primary and secondary students of Cherry County School District.

The building was designed by Charles F. Beindoff in 1897. Built in 1898, this is the oldest standing building in Valentine. It was once a school. The building belongs to the National Registry of Historic Places.

Centennial Hall was opened as a museum in 1978. Centennial Hall is a heritage museum that displays outstanding personal collections, including for example, the Hallock Bells Colletion.

It currently houses museum exhibits in each of its 12 rooms.

The Haunting:

In the mid-1940’s a girl attending the school was poisoned via clarinet reed and suffered a heart attack, according to reports, and died.

There have been reports of cold spots and strange noises (such as the sound of music playing) and a generally eerie feeling in Centennial Hall. Reports of a visual manifestation of an apparition, along with a rocking chair that was observed to be rocking when no one was in the chair.

Other Related Haunts:

Another haunt in Nebraska where someone died of poisoning and came back from the dead to haunt the place is the Captain Bailey House in Brownville, Nebraska.


Visit to see photos of Centennial Hall taken by Nebraska Outback

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North Macomb Street, Valentine, NE Nebraska 69201, USA

North Macomb Street, Valentine, NE Nebraska 69201, USA

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