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Central Park

Central Park

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  • Date Posted: May 3, 2014
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  • Address: Bakersfield, CA, USA

Bakersfield, California

Bakersfield is in southern California in Kern County. It is situated about halfway between Fresno and Los Angeles, California. The city has a population of approximately 350,000 residents.

Information about Central Park at Mill Creek in Bakersfield, California:

Central Park is located between 21st Street and 19th Street, just east of R Street. In 2009, Central Park was redesigned and renovated. Today, it includes a pedestrian covered bridge (the “Mill Creek Bridge”) and concrete walkways.

Mill Creek is a park that runs along the Kern Island Canal between Golden State Avenue and California Avenue in downtown Bakersfield. The center of Mill Creek Park is Central Park. Central Park was created in 1937. It was just a simple grass park for many years. In 1956, part of the land in Central Park was used for the Cunningham Memorial Art Gallery, which later became the Bakersfield Museum of Art. Another part of Central Park was then used for the Bakersfield Community House.

Sadly, over time, the neighborhood around Central Park fell into decline. It slowly became a gathering place for the homeless.

In 2001, city planners began considering ways to redevelop Central Park. The park was redone in 2009.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Central Park in Bakersfield, California:

People have reported seeing the apparition of a woman walking along the canal at Central Park at sunrise. She is usually described as wearing a flowing robe or gown. This woman is said to have been murdered in Central Park which is why her spirit haunts the location.

This ghost tale resembles “White Lady” stories that are told throughout the United States and La Llorona stories of Latin American origin in which a woman is separated from her children or a lover through death and is cursed to wander searching for them throughout all eternity. Although the ghostly white woman in Central Park looks similar to White Ladies or La Llorona hauntings, according to local lore, she herself was murdered and she is not necessarily said to be searching for loved ones.

Details regarding this woman’s murder are missing and research has not yet uncovered any murders that could be attributed to this apparition in Central Park.


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