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Cerro Gordo Ghost Town

Cerro Gordo Ghost Town

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Cerro Gordo Ghost Town, Cerro Gordo Road, CA, USA

Cerro Gordo, California

Cerro Gordo is located in the Inyo Mountains above the dry Owens Lake. It was founded by Mexican settlers in 1864. The Cerro Gordo mines produced more wealth than any other California town.

Cerro Gordo can be reached by traveling a road that passes through Keeler, California up a steep hill. It is about 8 miles uphill at from Keeler to Cerro Gordo in a rather isolated area on private land at an altitude of about 9,000 feet. There are mining activities going on at Cerro Gordo and it is recommended that travelers stop at the Lone Pine Visitor’s Center to ask about the conditions at Cerro Gordo before heading that direction.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the Belshaw House in Cerro Gordo, California:

Belshaw House Haunting:

The Belshaw House was once the home of Mortimer Belshaw, the “Bullion King”. It is a two bedroom, one bathroom house in Cerro Gordo that is used as a vacation cabin, apparently that is able to sleep up to five people. 

Visitors to Cerro Gordo have reported seeing strange things in or near the Belshaw House. Shadow figures have been reported as well as strange shapes out of the corner of one’s eyes. Also, people have reported seeing televisions flickering inside the house though there is no electricity available to it.

Bunkhouse Hauntings:

The 1904 Bunkhouse is a renovated structure that is now available for overnight stays at Cerro Gordo.

The last room on the left inside the bunkhouse is said to be inhabited by an entity that manifests as a glowing mass. Visitors have also reportedly observed mysterious ghost lights in the main kitchen of the bunkhouse at Cerro Gordo.


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