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  • Date Posted: May 6, 2014
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  • Address: 4800 West 92nd Avenue, Westminster, CO 80031, USA


Located at 4800 w. 92nd Ave. in Westminster, CO.


Before the city of Westminster was established, the area was inhabited by buffalo and antelope. The landscape was sprinkled with small marshy ponds throughout. Arapahoe Indians had an encampment in the Westminster area.

Permanent settlement began in 1870 in Westminster.

The 14 story Bell Tower (which is the focus of the paranormal reports and local lore about this location) was added to City Hall in 1988. The Bell Tower was suggested as a landmark and icon for the city of Westminster because of its ties to Big Ben in Westminster England. In 1986, a group of distinguished individuals from Westminster England including the Lord Mayor herself visited the location and gifted an English Oak to the city, which now grows among the other trees around City Hall.

Local lore is that two girls were murdered and then buried beneath the tower. This is an interesting tale, but an unlikely one. Several other locations were initially considered for the Bell Tower. It seems as though a murder and subsequent burial of two little girls beneath the bell tower would have made the news and averted plans for the build at this location, perhaps.


Apparitions of a two little girls have been observed looking over into Sheridan St. from Westminster City Hall.


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4800 W. 92nd Ave. Westminster CO Colorado United States

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