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  • Address: 212 D Street, Rock Springs, WY 82901, USA


Rock Springs is home to about 19,000 residents. It is the town where Butch Cassidy apparently got his nickname.

In 1885, Rock Springs was home to one of the worst race riots in history known as the Rock Springs Massacre. The riot occurred on September 2, 1885 among coal miners working near Rock Springs. The development of Rock Springs as a community was largely dependent upon coal, oil, and natural gas reserves as an economic staple, however the railroad also played a major role in the perpetuation of the community. Rock Springs was an Overland Stage outpost in 1861 as well.

The first coal mine was opened in Rock Springs in 1868. In the year following, the Union Pacific Railroad forged a path through the city and Rock Springs became a central terminal for cattle shipping. In 1888, Rock Springs incorporated as a town. This was when the town citizens first realized a need for a building to house government business. In 1893, the citizens voted to build what is now known as Old City Hall. The Old City Hall building was completed in 1895. It is a fine example, and one of few remaining structures exemplifying Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in the southwestern Wyoming area. It’s distinctive white spire decorates the heart of downtown Rock Springs.

Rock Springs was very recently regarded still as a “Wild West Town” due to a 60 Minutes episode in the 1970’s depicting saloons and bars as “wide open” on K Street. The city of Rock Springs brought in a new Public Safety worker to try to dispel the bad name that had been given to Rock Springs. Former range detective Edward Lee Cantrell took the position. Cantrell then brought in an undercover agent from Puerto Rico named Micheal Rosa. Interestingly, Mike Rosa bragged that he was going to “bring down” Edward Cantrell and rumors spread that he was paying off informants with drugs. Ed Cantrell decided he needed to have a chat with Mike Rosa and so the two of them met in a car pulled up near a lounge on Elk Street. The conversation ended with a bullet between Mike Rosa’s eyes. Ed Cantrell was charged with first degree murder but found to be “not guilty”. The whole affair was a media frenzy in which the Old City Hall was frequently featured.

Paranormal Reports:

Reports of apparitions seen in the peripheral vision (out of the corner of the eye). Also reports of full-body apparitions. Also, people have reported the feeling of being touched when no one else was in the building.


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212 D Street, Rock Springs, WY Wyoming 82901, USA

212 D Street, Rock Springs, WY Wyoming 82901, USA

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