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Crazy George’s Bridge

Crazy George’s Bridge

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  • Date Posted: May 6, 2014
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  • Address: Tennessee, USA

Dry Hollow, Tennessee

Dry Hollow Branch is a stream located 8.4 miles from Tennessee Ridge near Danville.

Crazy George’s Bridge Information:

Crazy George’s Bridge is not the only ghostly man with a lantern along the Tennessee railroads in the middle of the night. In Chapel Hill, Tennessee, a remarkably similar story is told about a decapitated railroad worker who haunts the Chapel Hill railway with a lantern in hand. According to the story at both locations, the man tripped and fell while walking along the tracks on a rainy night. He fell onto the tracks and was knocked unconscious, with his neck across the tracks. A train came and could not slow down in time and decapitated him. His body was left intact, but his head was never found. Thus, he now roams the area around the tracks looking for his head.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Crazy George’s Bridge:

People report seeing a strange light along the railroad tracks at this location. Locals believe the lights are actually the phantom lantern of a man who perished in a railroad accident years ago.

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