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Crescent Hotel and Spa

Crescent Hotel and Spa

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  • Date Posted: Apr 29, 2014
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  • Address: Eureka Springs, AR, USA

I have visited this location several times in the last seven yrs.
first time was a day trip with hubby n three kids. At this time I knew of stories but not much.
While down in basement my son n I went into womens restroom, I decided to snap a few frames on digital to just see what would happen.
In one frame I got an orb at top of full wall of mirror with my son smiling at me. Frame before n after had nothing. When I pulled it up on computer screen it was not there.

Next trip was the anniversary trip that we stayed at palace we. Insisted the crescent for a few hours. I had four sets of fresh rechargeable batteries and a brand new camera. On top floor when I tried to take a photo of weird machine in the lounge, the batteries zapped emptied. I changed them and took some frames in other direction then tried the machine again n it drained again. Went downstairs to desk front n they laughed n said of. Purse we get that complaint all the time. They sell loads of batteries bc of them being drained.

Third trip we stayed there and I felt I was being watched while in the bathroom only of our room. We did the tour and another person in group got a photo that was freaky compared to five other photos of exact same location. I of course took photo of his photo on camera. It was a solid white void at side of mirror that was known to show ghost.

1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa Basic Information

Eureka Springs, Arkansas:

Eureka Springs is located in Northern Arkansas in Carroll County. It is one of two county seats, sharing the distinction with Berryville. Eureka Springs is situated in the Ozark Mountains with a population of about 2,000 people. It is a unique tourist attraction because the village is a real Victorian village.

Information about the Crescent Hotel and Spa:

There are nightly ghost tours at the Crescent Hotel these days. It is ranked among the top three haunted places by TAPS. Once a luxury hotel and then a school and then a cancer hospital, this building went through a lot before taking shape once again as a hotel with ghostly inhabitants as well as incarnate ones.

Ghosts at the Crescent Hotel and Spa:

The reason why the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa got such a high ranking from TAPS is because it is one of only a few places where the team caught a full-bodied apparition on camera. In this case, the apparition was captured on an infrared camera. Guests at the hotel, however, regularly report the presence of orbs, balls of light, or ghosts and spirits in the form of ectoplasmic mists in their photos. There is a “Ghost Book” at the front desk at the Crescent Hotel and Spa where visitors can look through pictures of ghosts and photographic anomalies that have been captured on film by guests.

“Micheal” is one of the most active ghosts at the Crescent Hotel. This spirit is believed to be that of a young man from Ireland who came to the United States to help construct the hotel building. According to local lore, “Micheal” leaned over the landing at the hotel to see a pretty girl who was passing by and fell to his death. His body landed somewhere near room 218 at the Crescent Hotel, one of the areas in the building with the greatest paranormal activity.

On the 4th floor of the haunted hotel is the ghost of Dr. Baker. When he was alive, this man was apparently not a doctor, but he converted what was then a hotel into a cancer hospital. Some have estimated that 300 to 400 patients died under Dr. Baker’s care and today the ghost of Baker and some of his staff  and patients are regularly experienced at the Crescent Hotel. They have been observed walking the halls with one particular patient lingering often around room 419. The Crescent Hotel contains a morgue where autopies were once performed and bodies stored. Apparently, sometimes bodies were taken from the hospital and buried on site to hide the mortality rate at the cancer hospital.


According to one report, a little girl who was visiting the hotel recently began conversing with someone in her parents’ room that was invisible to everyone but her. The little girl described a woman who may have been Irene Castle, a ballroom dancer who was famous in the 1920’s. Irene Castle regularly visited the building and died in her home located nearby in 1969. Ghostly dancers have also been reported on the ballroom floor late at night.


Most of the Crescent Hotel guests have some kind of experience at the hotel and staff members have gotten used to the spirits and ghosts that linger there.

Eureka Springs, AR Arkansas, USA

Eureka Springs, AR Arkansas, USA

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