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Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge

Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge

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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: Catoosa, OK, USA

Catoosa, Oklahoma

Cry Baby Bridge Location:

The Cry Baby Bridge in Catoosa crosses the Boggy Creek just before the creek reaches the river. It was originally known as the Boggy Creek bridge and in 2001, it was bypassed. East Highway 20 comes to a dead near the bridge according to one source.

Information about Crybaby Bridge in Catoosa, Oklahoma:

This Cry Baby Bridge in Catoosa is a truss bridge that was built in 1910 and one legend about the bridge takes place on Friday the 13th in June of 1924. A mother and her baby were going to town for some necessities in a horse drawn carriage. They lived on the hill south of the Boggy Creek Bridge. While they were gone, a thunderstorm came up. On the way home, the horses were spooked by lightning as the mother and child were crossing the bridge. They bucked and the carriage overturned. The mother was okay after the wreck, but the baby was lost. She could hear it crying but could not find it.

Crybaby Bridges are everywhere. Well, almost everywhere. Nebraska does not have a single Crybaby Bridge reported there. South Dakota and Wyoming don’t have Crybaby Bridges either. But Ohio and Maryland, for example, have some strong Crybaby Bridge stories being passed around. And folks must be quite compelled by them. Often, there is truth to the folklore when the stories get passed so far and wide. Perhaps there is an original Crybaby Bridge where the basic details, like a baby’s death and the ghost of a woman searching for it, actually have manifested. Or perhaps drowning babies back in the day was so prevalent at bridges that the manifestations of babies crying and mother searching is just that prevalent.

Perhaps by gathering actual video footage and photos of these photos, some of the mystery will start to come together.

Crybaby Bridges, as mentioned above, are so named because people claim that at these locations, one can hear the ghostly cries of an infant. Usually, the local lore is that a woman had a child out of wedlock (sometimes as the result of rape, or incest, or an adulterous affair, etc.), and was forced to hide the evidence of her wrongdoing. Sometimes the parents of the mother throw the infant into the river beneath the Crybaby Bridge in question. Some stories simply involve the death of an infant through some tragic means and sometimes the death of the mother as well. Either way, there are almost always Mother-Child ghosts and manifestations at these locations, even if the “bridge” in question has been gone for years.

The folklore associated with the bridge in Catoosa, Oklahoma is similar to the stories told at the Cry Baby Bridge in Schulter, Oklahoma. The stories associated with this bridge, however, are more detailed. In both of these stories, there is a mother and a child in a vehicle that crashes. Both the mother and the infant are killed in an accident. In the Catoosa, Oklahoma story, the mother and infant are riding in a horse and carriage while in Schulter, the mother and infant are riding in a car.

Ghosts and Hauntings at Crybaby Bridge in Catoosa, Oklahoma:

People report hearing the ghostly sounds of a baby crying coming from underneath the bridge. Locals sometimes claim to also see the ghost of the dead mother, searching for her lost infant who, according to local legends survived for two days following the carriage crash.

Other Oklahoma Cry Baby Bridges:


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Catoosa, OK Oklahoma, USA

Catoosa, OK Oklahoma, USA

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