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Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge

Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge

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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: Lawton, OK, USA

Lawton, Oklahoma

Crybaby Bridge Information:

The Cry Baby Bridge in Lawton is a gravity hill. If you put your car in neutral, it will appear to roll uphill. There are gravity hills throughout the United States. (Another famous Gravity Hill is on Loma Alta Street in Altadena, California.) The car’s movement at these locations is attributed to an optical illusion that simply makes it look like it is move up a hill (the hill actually slants downward).

So, there are perhaps a dozen Cry Baby Bridges in Oklahoma, each one claiming to be the “original”. It is likely that the “original” Cry Baby Bridge comes from Ohio or perhaps Maryland. However, it is, often, hard to pin down the precise origins when it comes to folklore. The fascinating thing about folklore, though, is that invariably it contains a kernel of truth. Perhaps there is an actual, historical Cry Baby Bridge where the stories told are completely true and accompanied by paranormal activities and events. Or, perhaps the events associated with Cry Baby Bridges lead to hauntings all across the country. But Cry Baby Bridges have something in common with White, Black, and Grey Lady Phenomena that is commonly reported throughout the country. And one has to wonder whether the folklore or the haunt came first.

Cry Baby Bridges all seem to have one thing in common overall, at least as far as our researches have taken us: they all include the death of an infant either by murder or some other tragic event, and they all involve a ghostly mother searching for her infant. Often, instead of seeing ghostly infants at Cry Baby Bridges, people report hearing disembodied sounds of a baby crying. And women, in Cry Baby Bridge lore are not necessarily wearing white or grey or black. They’re wardrobe is usually unspecified in contrast to White Lady Lore wherein a mother, wearing all white is searching for a lost child. The White Lady Lore differs most significantly in that occasionally the ghostly woman is searching for a lost love instead of a lost child.

Paranormal Events at Crybaby Bridge in Lawton, Oklahoma:

People report hearing the telltale sound of an infant crying when there are no babies anywhere nearby.

There are a number of Cry Baby Bridges in the state of Oklahoma. Below is a list of some of the most famous ones:

Most of the Oklahoma Cry Baby Bridges have a fairly sketchy history, but if you’re looking for dark but juicy historical facts to support hauntings at bridges in other parts of the country, take a look at the Cry Baby Creek haunt in Greenville, Alabama where a man brutally murdered his pregnant wife and unborn (or newborn…no one is really sure) baby. In Broussard, Louisiana, there is a haunting associated with a place called Mary Jane’s Bridge, but the facts are related to a serial axe murderer who swept through the area years ago.  Egypt Road Bridge is another bridge with a sinister history in Ohio, but the murder that took place here is much more recent. And finally, Monkey Bridge in Athens, Texas has associations with satanic cults and five other locations in the city that are purportedly arranged throughout the city with tunnels underground between them in the shape of a pentagram.


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Lawton, OK Oklahoma, USA

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