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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Moore, OK, USA

Moore, Oklahoma

Cry Baby Bridge Information:

Cry Baby Bridge, according to one source, is located one miles south along Highway 134 outside of Sooner, Oklahoma.

According to another source, the Cry Baby Bridge WAS located on Old Bryant, a dirt road that connected NE 12th St. and NE 4th St. The bridge, the pond, and the road are no longer at this location, apparently. However, the pond was once known, interestingly, as Cry Baby Lake. A young couple took their baby out in a boat and when the boat capsized, the baby fell into the lake and drowned. Locals claimed that one could hear the baby crying at the lake after this event. It was not associated with a bridge.

The story told for the Moore, Oklahoma Cry Baby Bridge has similar features to the story told in Schulter, Oklahoma at the Cry Baby Bridge there. A mother and her baby were killed tragically in a car accident at the bridge. Their spirits then haunt the location. Some people claim that in Moore, the car with the babyseat in the back is still at the Cry Baby Bridge. We have not verified whether this is true or not, but some folks say that the car was put there by some young vandals, not because of a car accident. The car just happened to have a car seat in the back, ironically.

Cry Baby Bridge Ghosts and Paranormal Events:

As with other Cry Baby Bridges throughout the country, people report hearing the sounds of a ghostly baby crying.

Other Related Haunts:

There are a variety of Cry Baby Bridge in Oklahoma. Check out the Bixby, Oklahoma Cry Baby Bridge or the Cry Baby Bridge in Alderson, Oklahoma. If you’re looking for haunted bridges with dark and sinister history behind their ghostly goings on, check out Cry Baby Creek of Greenville, Alabama.

Other Oklahoma Cry Baby Bridges:


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Highway 134-one mile south outside of Sooner, Oklahoma Moore OK Oklahoma United States

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