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  • Date Posted: May 2, 2014
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  • Address: Vinita, OK 74301, USA

Vinita, Oklahoma

Cry Baby Bridge in Vinita, Oklahoma:

Vinita is the second oldest town in Oklahoma. It was originally established in 1871 as Downingville. It was later changed to Vinita in honor Vinita Ream, a sculptor who created the lifesize statue of Abraham Lincoln at the United States capital.

The nation’s largest McDonald’s is in Vinita, Oklahoma. The city is a hub where U.S. Route 66, Interstate 44, Highway 60, Highway 69, and State Highway 2 all meet. Near Vinita, the Cabin Creek Battle Site is an interesting destination where Confederate soldiers captured 100 wagons, mules, and other goods at a value of about $1,500,000.

Cry Baby Bridges are scattered throughout Oklahoma and the United States. See also, Alderson, Schulter, and Moore Oklahoma for other sites listed as having Cry Baby Bridges.

Ghosts and Hauntings at Cry Baby Bridge in Vinita, Oklahoma:

Locals report two different hauntings at this location. One is the disembodied sound of a baby crying. The other is the apparition of an Indian woman.

Other Oklahoma Cry Baby Bridges:


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Vinita OK Oklahoma United States

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