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  • Date Posted: May 5, 2014
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  • Address: Alderson, OK 74501, USA

Alderson, Oklahoma

Information about Crybaby Bridge in Alderson, Oklahoma:

Alderson, Oklahoma is a teeny tiny town of about 260 people in southeastern Oklahoma.

There are a number of Crybaby Bridges in the United States. They are so named because people claim that at these locations, one can hear the ghostly cries of an infant. Usually, the local lore is that a woman had a child out of wedlock (sometimes as the result of rape, or incest, or an adulterous affair, etc.), and was forced to hide the evidence of her wrongdoing. Sometimes the parents of the mother throw the infant into the river beneath the Crybaby Bridge in question. In Alderson, Oklahoma, some locals claim that a woman was raped several times by an incestuous father. When she gave birth, she would get ride of the infant by throwing it into the North Boggy Creek. Another set of folks claim that a baby drowned by accident in the river near Crybaby Bridge and this is where it gets its name.

The Crybaby Bridge itself in Alderson, Oklahoma has been torn down, but people still claim to hear strange sounds when they’re near the site of the old bridge.

** Update: An anonymous poster stated that this bridge has NOT been torn down.  Half of the bridge caught fire and collapsed.

Ghosts and Hauntings at Crybaby Bridge in Alderson, Oklahoma:

Locals report hearing the ghostly sounds of a baby crying. The sound seems to come from underneath the bridge. People have also reported seeing the glowing apparition of a woman floating over the creek bed.

** Update: An anonymous poster stated they have too seen the glowing woman.

Other Oklahoma Cry Baby Bridges:


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Alderson OK Oklahoma United States

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