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  • Date Posted: May 6, 2014
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  • Address: De Kalb, TX 75559, USA

Interesting Facts about Cry Baby Bridge:

According to local lore, a mother was driving from town to her home in the countryside. She had triplets, who were riding in the backseat of the car as she sped along. The woman was in a hurry. She had seen a friend at the store and chatted longer than she should have. Her husband would be angry if she didn’t have dinner ready and waiting for him when he arrived home.

As she near the bridge now known as Cry Baby Bridge, she lost control of her car and it crashed into the creek below. The woman died shortly after the accident. The babies were never found.

Some stories say that there was only one baby in the car on the night of the tragic accident. The near freezing water in the creek beneath the bridge was blamed for the unfortunate death of the woman and child.

Ghosts of Cry Baby Bridge:

Some DeKalb residents claim that stopping on the haunted bridge can sometimes elicit paranormal activity if the driver turns off the engine and honks the car three times. The sound of a baby crying can then be heard echoing through the area.

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DeKalb TX Texas United States


  1. This bridge is very true! I had went on it just yesterday and i did (exactly) as they said do it. I turned off the car and honked the horn and i honestly heard babies crying and it sound very near.. I heard echoing.. I became very frightened and i began to investigate further. There were candles on the bridge in cups!! Ive never seen them there before and i have been there about 7 times. To me that was very unusual to see candles in cups.. I do warn you if you want something scary this is the perfect bridge to approach. I seen scary footsteps they were much bigger than a normal foot size! I have also investigated the Bostick bridge down in fort wayne.. I have evidence that the bridge is seriously haunted… Email me at I have two pictures stating my evidence!!

    • Awesome! Send us the pics and we can post them online! 🙂

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