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Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge | Momma Lou Bridge | Mama Lou’s Bridge | Momma Lou’s Bridge | Mama Lou Bridge

Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge | Momma Lou Bridge | Mama Lou’s Bridge | Momma Lou’s Bridge | Mama Lou Bridge

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  • Date Posted: May 3, 2014
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  • Address: Scott, AR, USA

How to Get to Cry Baby Bridge | Momma Lou Bridge in Scott Arkansas:

The most reliable source claimed that Mama Lou Bridge is located on CR 85 (Old AR 30) in Scott, AR. Another source concurred and said the bridge was located down Highway 30 off of Highway 165.

According to another source with more detailed instructions, you need to take the I-440 Exit 7/England Exit. Go toward England because the exit is closed to the Arkansas River. You’ll pass 3 gas stations on the right hand side of the road. Keep going along this road to the Willow Beach Church on the left hand side of the road. Look for Highway 391 and turn left onto this road. Continue on Highway 391 to the four way stop. Stonelinks Golf Course is on the right side of the road. Continue going straight through the four way intersection. Cry Baby Bridge is the first bridge that you’ll see along that road.

Below are GPS coordinates for the Mama Lou’s Bridge:

+34.71453, -92.09265   (decimal degrees)
34°42’52” N, 92°05’34” W   (degrees°minutes’seconds”)

Interesting Facts about Momma Lou Bridge:

According to one source, his bridge was originally made of wood, but in 1921, the Wolf Bayou Bridge was constructed. Another source indicated that the bridge was originally built in 1924 (so it couldn’t have been replaced in 1921). In 2005 an even newer version of the bridge was created using metal and concrete. The bridge is a little over 70 feet long and 16 feet wide. In 2004, Mama Lou Bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Stories about Momma Lou Bridge are of the cry baby variety, which is why this location is classified as a “cry baby bridge” even though it is better known colloquially as Momma Lou Bridge. According to local lore, a woman drove over the bridge with her newborn infant and plunged off the side to her death.

Ghosts at Momma Lou Bridge:

Visitors to the bridge are supposed to say, “Momma Lou, I’ve got your baby,” in order to elicit paranormal activity. Some people have reported hearing splashing in the water below, sounds of a car crashing, or vehicular malfunctions on the bridge after saying the magic phrase. The apparition of a woman have also been reported. People claim to see a glowing entity floating in the grassy areas near the bridge.

EVP’s have also been captured by paranormal investigators at the bridge.

Other Related Haunts:

Cry Baby Bridges are prolific throughout the south. Alabama has some of the most sensational stories associated with their bridges. Check out the Saraland, AL Cry Baby Bridge, the Clanton, AL Cry Baby Bridge, and the Greenville, AL Cry Baby Bridge.Mama Lou’s Bridge also shares some paranormal elements with Theorosa’s Bridge in Valley Center, KS. Interestingly, at Theorosa’s Bridge, locals are also supposed to say, “I’ve got your baby!” in order to elicit a response from ghosts that are haunting the place.


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