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Located 45 miles southeast of North Platte, at 404 East 7th in Nebraska, the community of Curtis puts on a large Easter pageant each year and has become known as the "Easter City".

The History:

Curtis College was established in 1965 as a land-grant institution.

The Haunting:

Reports have been made of whistling sounds in the halls, along with pounding on the floors and doors that is apparently not caused by students.

Apparently a "guy hung himself" in the dorms because people made fun of him.


Colleges/universities often have paranormal activity associated with them. Dormitories are often places where life-changing events occur in the lives of the residents who live there. These are places where individuals often "come of age" in a variety of domains, shedding their childhood in favor of a more "adult" view of life. Sexual escapades with strong emotional attachments may produce activity after many years. A suicide may also produce a "haunting", however the story of the young man who "hung himself" has not yet been verified.


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Curtis, NE Nebraska 69025, USA

Curtis, NE Nebraska 69025, USA

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