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Dana College-Charles A. Dana Hall of Science

Dana College-Charles A. Dana Hall of Science

The History:

In 1884, Danish Lutheran pioneers established Trinity Seminary in Blair, Nebraska in order to train men for the parish ministry. Reverend A. M. Andersen was the founder of this school and taught seminary courses out of his home originally.

Two years later, the first permanent structure on campus was completed.

Additional academic courses were finally added in 1899, when the Danish College at Elk Horn, Iowa merged with this Blair school. It was at this time that Dana College was established as a separate educational institution.

The Charles A. Dana Hall of Science was built in 1962.

The Haunting:

People have reported seeing shadowy figures late at night in the doorways. There also was apparently a fire alarm incident that was never satisfactorily resolved. The sprinklers apparently came on and flooded the building in the summer of 1999.


I would be interested in learning more about whether human body parts or animal cadavers are ever brought to this location for dissection. That would certainly provide a plausible reason to believe that this location would be haunted as the human and animal etheric shells often are attracted to the decaying physical body, blood and remains.


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Visit the following link to see a number of photos of various structures at Blair Collge, including a photo of the fire at Old Main.

Blair, NE Nebraska, USA

Blair, NE Nebraska, USA

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