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  • Date Posted: May 8, 2014
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  • Address: Highlands Ranch, CO, USA


Highlands Ranch is in northern Douglas County in Colorado.


The community of Highlands Ranch was officially established in 1981, but there were settlers in the area at least 100 years before that.

According to a report that we read at Shadowlands, a female ghost named “Kether” is said to haunt the old 19th century armory on the south side of the hill that is below and to the left of park facilities. Some report that this ghost was sacrificed at this spot because she was disloyal to her “coven” which worshiped the Egyptian god Set. This is an interesting set of facts because “Kether” is the name of the first sephiroth in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (which is the same tree of life depicted in Genesis of the Christian bible). “Set” was Osiris’ adversary in the Egyptian mythology and Osiris was roughly equivalent to Jesus in terms of his death and resurrection story. These pieces of information seem to point to a secret society, though not necessarily a group of witches, which is interesting and worth noting. Whether the story represents true facts or not is an entirely different question, however.

Paranormal Activities Reported:

Cold spots have been reported in the stone bunker. Also there have been reports of apparitions on the hill near the armory.


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Castle Pines Parkway Highlands Ranch CO Colorado United States

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