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Elkhorn Hall

Elkhorn Hall

The History:

In 1884, Danish Lutheran pioneers established Trinity Seminary in Blair, Nebraska in order to train men for the parish ministry. Reverend A. M. Andersen was the founder of this school and taught seminary courses out of his home originally.

Two years later, the first permanent structure on campus was completed.

Additional academic courses were finally added in 1899, when the Danish College at Elk Horn, Iowa merged with this Blair school. It was at this time that Dana College was established as a separate educational institution

Elk Horn Hall was completed in 1926 or 1927. It functions as the men’s dormitory.

The Haunting:

A suicide purportedly took place on the 4th floor of Elk Horn Hall. There have been reports of cold spots and the sound of footsteps in the halls.


This is a college/university building and so it is not surprising that it has been reported to be the site of paranormal activity. Dormitories are often sites where life changing events happen in the lives of young people. Are these life changing events recorded psychically perhaps in the structure of the building? Are the young people living in the building psychically more aware, perhaps than adults who have been conditioned to think that "there is no such thing as ghosts"?…


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