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  • Date Posted: May 2, 2014
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  • Address: Lockport, NY 14094, USA

When you go to the erie canal at night you might be in for a surprise. The husband and myself with 2 friends went down to lock 71 about 2 in the morning one night and had a little fun. We started to have rocks thrown at us and the husband had a huge wieght looking thing thrown at the back of him from the hill just under the big train bridge. The big wiegh made a huge dent in the blacktop path and hit the back of his heel. We then was just carring on with laughing while under the bridge and all of a sudden a scrapping noise and then a huge bang right above us happened. We got a little spooked and jogged up the path a little way. About five minutes later we walked back under the bridge and started to shine the flash light up the hill and on the bridge and seriously the flashlight was ripped out of my hand and went flying 6 feet away and no one was there. A few more noises and bangs were heard and we decided it was time to leave and someone or something did not want us there. I took pictures that night also and came up with a few good ones with what looks like orbs from where we was hearing the sounds. I am reading to go back and do more investgating.


lockport NY New York United States

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