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Fairmont Children’s Home | Old Orphanage

Fairmont Children’s Home | Old Orphanage

Alliance, Ohio 

Alliance is located in Stark and Mahoning counties in northeastern Ohio. The population of Alliance is approximately 25,000 residents.

Old Orphanage | Fairmont Children’s Home Information:

According to one source, the Fairmount Children’s Home is located behind the Fairmount Greenhouse on Route 62 going toward Minerva. Another source claimed that the Fairmount Children’s Home is at 6774 Union Street NE.

A number of adults who lived in this home have reported vastly differing experiences staying at the Fairmount Children’s Home. Some of them had pleasant happy memories of their time there, while others experienced it as “torture”. According to David Giffels, the Fairmount Children’s Home gained a reputation as a “miserable” place due to a particularly cruel headmaster who beat orphans and was responsible for the death of a few of them. According to Giffels, the orphans rose up in revolt in 1944 and lynched the cruel headmaster by a thick pipe in the basement.

The Fairmount Children’s Home was a private residence for a period of time, but was abandoned in the 1990’s and suffered from vandalism at that time. According to one source, the Fairmount Children’s Home closed in the 1970’s and burned down in the summer of 2002.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the Old Orphanage | Fairmont Children’s Home in Alliance, Ohio:

There are reportedly cold spots throughout the building. Some have reported that a baby doll moved without explanation from one room to another room. Another visitor reported similar phenomena with a rocking horse that suddenly appeared in a room they were in.

Some visitors have reported seeing “sparks” coming from a room where they claim that electro-shock treatments were done on little kids. However, it seems unlikely that an orphanage would be equipped with electro-shock therapy equipment.

Shadow figures have been reported at this location. Children staying at the orphanage apparently would report seeing this shadowy figure years ago and some have speculated that this is the cruel headmaster.

One person reported receiving scratches on their leg.

Some have reported hearing disembodied children’s voices throughout the area in and around the Fairmount Children’s Home.


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6774 Union Avenue, Alliance, OH Ohio 44601, USA

6774 Union Avenue, Alliance, OH Ohio 44601, USA


  1. I’ve been going to this place since I was a little girl. I remember walking around this huge building, wondering why my grandpa would make me look in windows. My grandmothers cousin was in the home for some time. She tried to run away but was scared of being caught, she hid under the porch for weeks, with children sneaking her food. Finally she came out of hiding, and they were not very happy with her, that’s all I heard..never what happened to her.
    My fascination grew, always wanting to go back. Now that I’m 28 years old and learned my lessons of the afterlife, it absolutely breaks my heart for this souls of the children that are still in this home. Yes they are still there, and devil worshipers made the children suffer even more. They brought that evil out in the building, who I dealt with first hand. I wish there was a way to free their poor lost tortured souls.

  2. I went there lasted night at like 3:00 in the morning and we went it and had our phones recording we walk though the whole house and you would go into the next room and hear stuff moving around in the last room you were in and then we saw the misteris figure in one of the up stairs windows standing there looking straight at us and then we could hear something like running down the steps and through the house

  3. Me and a couple of my friends went there and we didn’t make it far as soon as we got out of the car there was a lot of sounds. We walked further and the further we walked the noises got worse. Off in the distance we heard a little girl screaming but we didn’t leave then. Me and my one friend walked to the concret path that leads to the building and when we stood there for awhile we all heard a noise that sounded evil and from a man so from the storied I’m reading my guess is its the headmaster but after we heard that we left. When we got to the car the car didn’t want to start at first but we got it and we were out…

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